Back to Basics!

The Holiday season is upon us in full force, do you know how I know this? I’m averaging 4 hours of sleep, my pants are tight, and my workouts started getting pushed to the side. 

I had to find a way to climb out of that hole, and fast! 

The past 2 months have been busy enough with the few football games and parades my son was in, and now we move to concert season, family parties, and of course work parties.

I got to thinking the other day about when I first started going to the gym. I was offered a free membership through my job, and didn’t really know what I was doing. (This was about 7 yrs ago) I was sitting on the weight bench doing some bicep curls when I heard some music start pumping from the room above me. It was Metallica, I was instantly a fan. The class started and was in full force, and there I was standing at the door peering in. It was a spin class. It looked so intense! The instructor was on a bike up higher on a platform, pumping music, motivating the people in the class, and the sweat was flying off everyone! I knew at that moment that I had to try this class! After studying the schedule at the gym, I found the date and time, and was excited to try it out!

I remember this like it was yesterday, I snuck into the class about 15 mins before it started, and promptly went to the back corner. I mean come on, I didn’t want to be in the first row! As soon as the teacher walked in, she spotted me and asked, “Is there anyone new to spin in class today?” I reluctantly raised my hand, and said, “Was it that obvious?” It turns out all instructors do this in the beginning of class because there is a specific way to set up a spin bike so you don’t end up hurting your knees. After my bike was set up she made sure I had the 2 things I would need in class, water, and a towel. I was set to go. She gave me one last word of advice, “Don’t stop pedaling.” 

The class started, and I was drenched with sweat by the time the warm up was over! I fell in love with that class, and the bike on that day, and am proud to say that the very next class I took, I sat in the 2nd row, where I still currently sit when I get to spin!

After conjuring up that memory, I wanted that feeling back. I missed the ladies, and few men, that were in that spin class. I missed the teachers. I missed the gym atmosphere. I missed people I considered my friends, and it was really bumming me out. 

After a few facebook messages between me and the gym manager, I was back in spin class last Monday morning, and ready to get my butt kicked again! As soon as I walked into the gym I was greeted with, “OMG Steph, is that you?!?” It turns out that everyone remembered me as much as I remember them! It’s such a great feeling. 

Today was spin class number 2 for me, since I’ve been back at the gym. It’s amazing that even though I was gone from that gym for about 3 yrs, and just cycling outside, I haven’t lost any of the fitness, just missed the friends. 

The next thing I need to conquer is my fear of swimming with a masters group. I’ve been told that by many triathletes I have met over the yrs of racing. If you want to swim better, swim with a masters group. I don’t know if it’s because of the name, “masters,” or if it’s because it’s swimming, it intimidates me. I have to remember, if I didn’t take a chance and walk into that spin class, I would’ve never fell in love with the bike, and then eventually raced. 

I’m making it a goal for myself to take a deep breath and swim with the masters group at least once before the new year. I can do it. I will do it. I will TRI!


2 responses to “Back to Basics!

  1. Most of the Masters swimmers I know are f-u-n! (Of course, I don’t swim with them.) Find a group where you enjoy the people dry, and I’ll bet you’ll enjoy them wet and swimming too.

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