“Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.” Charles Caleb Colton

Ever have a moment when you look around you, at the people you work with, your friends, your family, and realize that whether you have been a direct part of it or not, they changed their life for the better? 

Earlier this year, my sister got into running. She loved it, she was hooked, I thought she was nuts!! I know I know, how can I say that right? I mean, I do run, I am a triathlete! Running was never my favorite though, the bike was, is, and always will be. The bike is where I feel at home, I feel strong, I feel like I can make up time, I can block out the world, I guess it just comes easy to me. When I first started running, I couldn’t even run for 10 mins straight! Running is a very mental game for me, and I struggled with it for a long time. I’d read books, magazines, seek out advice of other runner’s, but quickly learned this was something I had to learn from within, and no book could tell me how to do it. 

So my sister says she’s going to run a half marathon, and asked me if I’d run it with her. Hum, since I never back down from a challenge, I accepted with 1 condition, we run as many of the long runs together as possible. It was a deal, and in about 2 weeks, not only were we both registered, but we had 2 hotel rooms in Philly for the Rock N’ Roll half marathon September 15, 2013. One room for runners, one room for support. 

My sister and I each had a copy of the training plan we were following, and actually got to meet up for the bulk of the long runs, which were also in the middle of my triathlon season. After about the third time we ran together, I slowly started noticing that I wasn’t dreading the long runs as I normally do in my workouts. It actually seemed fun to get out, run, chat, appreciate the whole process of everything, and I actually looked forward to it!! 

As the Sundays went on, I found myself really loving the run, and that seemed to transfer to my own runs themselves. I couldn’t believe it, after 4 years of fighting with myself I finally accepted running, and that was all thanks to my sister. Funny thing is, she started running because of me. 

Jen, my sister, has been to almost every single local race I’ve done, and I guess she caught the bug. She told me the day before the race that I was the one that inspired her to run. Going to the races, cheering me on, and watching me race, that’s what did it. So in return, I had to get all mushy, which is not in my character, and tell her that she is the one that, in fact, inspired me to love the run. 

Seeing the way we both changed each others perspectives on things, I decided to open my eyes and take a look around me. I started to realize that more of the guys at work were being active. My boss started working with a dietitian and lost a ton of weight, no exercise, just watching intake. People I would invite along for bike rides actually would show up. I got one of my co-workers to join the gym, and he actually attends regularly. Another co-worker, who hasn’t run since he graduated high school, is back out running 2 days a week, and is excited about a relay team we have in a marathon NEXT YEAR!

These simple little things have been going on around me for the last year. I know that I am not the reason of all of this, but it feels good to know that maybe just 1 person out there took notice that changing something small can have a major effect on someone’s life, and that alone is worth its weight in gold. 


My sister and I after the half!!!


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