This one time, at band camp…

OK, admit it, if you didn’t laugh, a smile came to your face just reading that title, most likely because of the movie American Pie.

Music is very prevalent in my family, and it seems that talent has been passed down to my son, not that I am at all surprised by that! He plays the alto sax, and is currently in 8th grade.

I played the trumpet for 9 years, even through high school when all of my Friday nights were occupied by playing at the football games. Marching band, Jazz band, Concert band, you name it, I was involved. I thought it was fun. I had a great group of friends, and I wouldn’t change that for anything. But what I didn’t realize back then, is just how much my parents, or the band parents in general, were involved with everything I did at school until now. (Thank you to all the band parents of the past, present, and the future! Your kids need the support!)

My son is very fortunate to go to a school district that is known for having huge bands, which is not common for other areas close to us. The band director pretty much runs the show, but behind the scenes, there is a high demand for parent involvement. I work a rotating schedule of 4 days on, 4 days off, 365 days a year. I am straight night shift, with hours from 1800-0600. I love my job, as I have said before, but it makes volunteering my time very difficult.

So back to my title, band camp started this week. Monday-Friday from 0715-1145hrs (not the best time considering I’m off at 6am). On Monday it began with the typical, “I don’t want to get up,”  and we are now at, “Jazz band auditions are Thursday, I’m so nervous and excited,” and this is only day 4. My son is so stoked to be involved with the band. It is important to me to be there for him every step of the way, especially because he comes to all of my races to wait, watch, and cheer me on, regardless of the weather.

This coming year will be very tough for me with managing my time with my son. My workouts will slowly increase, and in the last few months leading up to the Ironman, I will have 5 to 6 hour long bike rides followed by runs. I’m just going to have to try and stay on top of his band schedule, and make sure I can work around it to support him the way he supports me.  In previous years, I have went to the extent of dropping my son off for his parade, driving back home, and going for a run that would end at the meeting spot where my mom, sister, and I can watch him march by.  I may have been sweaty, but he didn’t care. He heard us cheering, and I got to see the little smile cross his face he was so trying to hide! I also get to see that smile at his concerts when I frantically wave from the crowd to make sure he knows I’m there. (The rest of my family does it too, haha.)

So here’s to the next year full of parades, concerts, jazz festivals, a band trip, oh, and don’t forget the ever growing social life of a teenager. My son will be 14 next month, which is kind of unbelievable to me. Time really does fly when your having fun!

Enjoying our last dinner at the beach for 2013. (Well, Jersey shore anyway, we are heading up to Maine in a few weeks.)

Enjoying our last dinner at the beach for 2013. (Well, Jersey shore anyway, we are heading up to Maine in a few weeks.)


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